Message me if you want to join one.


Now that I have your attention… my job is running a scholarship contest, and I am in need of some help. I need to set up appointments with parents( or people over 30) so that I can show them a presentation on the product I am representing. It’s called CUTCO, and it’s a really cool lot of kitchen knives and grilling accessories. Also, there is no obligation to buy anything because I get paid just to show the presentation. Now if you know someone over the age of 30 who might would take a second and help a college kid obtain a scholarship, please inbox me their names and numbers so I can give them a call. I really appreciate it and every person counts! Thanks so much in advance everyone :)

Hey everyone!

I just started a great new job in orlando, FL, and they are hiring! It is a marketing firm with flexible schedules around classes and the starting pay is $14.50. If you would like more information, inbox me your number and I’ll have a receptionist call you with more info.